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Need Help Matching Typefaces?

Choosing good font combinations is a key part of Graphic Design and Web Design in general. Good font pairings not only look good; they enhance readership. For really nice font-pairing ideas and inspiration, check out these resources! 1. Font Pair Font Pair suggests good pairings of fonts found in the Google Fonts library. 2. Type Genius Type… Read more »

A Second Look at Free Fonts

Free fonts have gone through a renaissance in the past year. First of all, their quality has increased dramatically. Generally, free fonts don’t have a good reputation. Often they are just copies of already established typefaces. But, I have to say, many of the new ones are looking really good. And now some of them… Read more »

The Art and Science of Combining Fonts

One tricky aspect of typography is the process of choosing fonts that go well together. If you want to improve your font-pairing skills, check out this interactive game called Type Connection. The game will give you tips and ideas for combining fonts. Type Connection Typography: Pairing Typefaces The typography strategies that Type Connection uses for… Read more »

Create a Colour Palette in Seconds

Choosing the colours and the typefaces for a project used to take almost as long as the design process itself. Now, there are free online color palette tools that save you all that time. One of the best colour palette generators is Coolors. It’s super simple and user-friendly. Developed by web and app developer Fabrizio Bianchi,… Read more »