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Best new sites for free stock photography – #4

Looking for free hi-res stock photos? There are new sites popping up everyday! Many of these photographs are completely free from copyright restrictions. This means you can copy, modify, or distribute them without asking permission. Some of these photos may require attribution. We’ve identified the ones that do on this page, and sites are usuallly… Read more »

Great resources for architecural rendering

Architectural Rendering is a specialized type of photo retouching and compositing where you need to create a scene (usually over an existing photo) showing the facade of a proposed building or retail store. You might be called upon to convert an existing drab street scene into the glamourous location for a spiffy new store. Ordinarily,… Read more »

8 Websites for Free Stock Photos – #2

Hands down, the question instructors at Training Company hear most often from students is “Where can I get good stock photography?” In the past two years, a new trend in the design community has been developing where many sites offer FREE, high-quality, stock photos. The only issue is the time is takes to separate the good from… Read more »

Need Design Inspiration? Fast?

Finding design inspiration is a constant challenge, and being inspired by the work of others is part of every designer’s workflow. Suddenly, there are lots of sites that aim to satisfy our desire to look at great work. Creative Graphic Design Tool Niice compiles small morsels of very good design work from all over the world… Read more »

Create a Colour Palette in Seconds

Choosing the colours and the typefaces for a project used to take almost as long as the design process itself. Now, there are free online color palette tools that save you all that time. One of the best colour palette generators is Coolors. It’s super simple and user-friendly. Developed by web and app developer Fabrizio Bianchi,… Read more »