8 Websites for Free Stock Photos – #2

Hands down, the question instructors at Training Company hear most often from students is “Where can I get good stock photography?” In the past two years, a new trend in the design community has been developing where many sites offer FREE, high-quality, stock photos. The only issue is the time is takes to separate the good from the bad.

Top 8 Stock Photo Sites for Graphic Designers

Below is a short list of good stock photo websites. The photos below are just samples of photos you can find in these websites.

1. isorepublic.com  

There are some really great, unique images at ISO Republic. The photos on the site are all free to use on personal and commercial projects.

unique images at ISO Republic coloured-sweets

2. lifeofpix.com  

Life of Pix is a high-quality collection of stock photos from advertising agency, Leeroy. Nice work, Leeroy.

stock photos

3. startupstockphotos.com  

Exactly what it sounds like, this is a collection of free stock images of modern startup work environments.

Screen Shot startupstockphotos

4. jeshoots.com  

More traditional looking stock photography but, hey, sometimes that’s exactly what you need, right? Note: files are big and the site is slow.

Classic Looking Stock photographs

5. travelcoffeebook.com  

Nice images from around the world. Ten new images featuring great landscapes and travel photography are added every ten days.

Stock images around the world

6. designerspics.com  

Great photos!! A mix of traditional and really nice concept photos with a new photo added every day. For use on personal and commercial projects.

burntout stock photos

7. splitshire.com  

High quality photography from designer Daniel Nanescu. Definitely worth a look.

SplitShire- stock photos

8. skitterphoto.com  

Perhaps more traditional than the other sites listed here but very, very nice all the same.

traditional stock photos

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