The Benefits of Professional Skills Training

The Benefits of Professional Skills Training

The benefits of training from the boss’s point of view:

Training is good for your business:
    • Training your staff helps your business run better
    • You choose what new skills your people learn, meeting the needs of your operation now and in the future
    • Training results in greater productivity and reduced costs
    • Training results in better morale
    • You—and your customers—will notice improved quality
    • You’ll save on outside resources
    • Training promotes job satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive
    • Training reduces staff turnover (staff who receive ongoing training are more likely to commit to their employers)
    • Training increases office morale
    • The skills learned are often shared with team mates
    • Training adds flexibility and efficiency. You can cross-train employees to be capable in more than one aspect of the business. This will be enormously helpful to you when setting schedules or filling in for absences.
    • Cross-training also fosters team spirit, as employees appreciate the challenges faced by co-workers.

The benefits of training from the employee’s point of view:

Training is good for you:
  • You acquire new skills, which builds your self esteem and your value to the company
  • Training can elevate you into new positions within the company, with better pay
  • Training makes you more valuable to your employer
  • You earn more respect
  • You’ll get more done for your boss

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